Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu was a phenomenal check off our bucket list. Taking more of a non-traditional Inca Trail approach, we went through Lorenzo Expeditions. Beginning in Cusco and ending at Machu Picchu right at sunrise, we mountain biked from the top of Malaga Pass (14,160 feet above sea level) to Santa Maria where went white water rafting, explored the ancient trail and villages along the way where we were able to get a flavor of the local cuisines, zip lined through the jungle, and basked in natural hot springs at sunset. We were able to capture the beauty of endless waterfalls, mist setting over the mountains, and see an astronomical sundial used by the Incans. A few additional tips from our Peruvian espcapades:

Must eat


Must imbibe

Pisco and Pisco Sours

Must visit

Ica, Peru. Surrounded by sand dunes, there is an oasis in the center where you will find a number of charming hostels who will take you out for a sand dune buggy and surfing adventure.

Must do

Sand dune surfing in Ica

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