Dublin, Ireland

Everything iconic Ireland can be found in or near Dublin. From the minute you land, you’ll be treated as if you’re one of their own. It’s one of the best places in the world to pub hop around, and the restaurants to fill you up in between won’t disappoint. Though, in your downtime, Dublin is also rich in history with a plethora of museums, so do take time to visit. In any case, enjoy eating and drinking your way through this happy city!

Must Visit

  • There are a number of museums in Dublin, ranging from the Archeological Museum* and Arts and History Museum*, to the National History* and Natural History* Museums, but if you’re looking for something a little less engulfing, skewing more toward the social history of Dublin, head to The Little Museum of Dublin. The guides are fantastic, offering a fabulous high level history of Ireland in 30 minutes, though happy to answer any outstanding questions you have afterwards. Don’t miss the U2 exhibit on the 3rd floor as well as the dedicated exhibit to the Irish Times. Note: Admission for adults is 8 Euro though 7 Euro if you book online. Tours are run every hour. Check their site for hours of operation and to buy your tickets online.

*Note: These museums are all free to visit!

  • Guinness Storehouse Factory Tour. It’s said the Guinness is better in Ireland, and when you visit the Storehouse, you’ll get a taste to help you understand why. Your ticket grants you admission to the 6-story tour, with exhibits on each floor explaining the process in which Guinness is brewed, the “special yeast”, the history of the brew, a showcase of the evolution of their advertising throughout the years, and special exhibits where you can learn how to properly taste a Guinness, and also how to properly pour the “perfect pint.” At the end, you can choose to enjoy your free pint at their 360 bar on the 6th floor, overlooking all of Dublin, or on the 2nd floor, where you can listen to a great Irish band and enjoy the flash mob of Irish step dancers that perform every hour or so. Insider tip: We found the 2nd floor to be more enjoyable as the 6th floor fills up quickly and it’s hard to get a good spot with a view.

Must trace your heritage

If you are of Irish decent, the National Library of Ireland in Dublin offers a free service to help you trace back your linage to find your actual ancestors from Ireland.

Must pub hop

  • Brazen Head. This is the oldest bar in Ireland, dating back to 1198! You can enjoy a great lunch here (mostly pub fare but there are vegetarian options), and a few pints. If you go in the evening, you’ll likely catch some live music. Insider tip: Try the chowder with brown bread for a cozy treat.
  • Temple Bar Pub. Another institution of Dublin, Temple Bar is world renown as a great Irish pub, and indeed it is. It does get crowded, and beers are on the pricy side, so we’d suggest going during the day- there is live music all day, every day – and their food is delicious as well, so you can even stay for lunch. Insider tip: Their sandwiches are enough for two people, especially if you’re not starving!
  • Bleeding Horse. A great multi-story, lively place, serving hearty, delicious pub fare. Try the lamb stew, with any of their beers on tap. Insider tip: They are also a member of The Brewers Project, meaning they serve the beers that the Factory is testing, that rarely make it to market, so test one out while you’re there!

Must dine

If you feel you’ve had your share of pub fare, head to GBK or Gourmet Burger Kitchen for a hearty burger. They have vegan options as well, so there’s something for everyone. We’d recommend the sweet potato, squash burger with relish, and the chicken avocado burger, with their fries. And do sprinkle some of their special spice on your fries. It’s delicious!

Must See

Though a bit tourist side of things, dinner and an Irish music + step dancing show is much fun. At times, the dancers may even get you out of your seat to dance or play music with them! Check out Taylors Three Rock or The Irish House Party.

Must know – Transportation

  • There is a shuttle that will take you into the center of Dublin from the airport. It costs 6 Euro / person for a one-way trip, 10 Euro for a return ticket. It’s easy to find at the airport, and makes multiple stops in the city.
  • DART is the public transportation line if you’d like to take the train to the cities beyond Dublin.
  • Uber is available and works well in Dublin.

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