Berlin, Germany

Full of history, food, nightlife, and music, Berlin can easily become anyones favorite city. Being a melting pot for cuisine has paved the way for Berlin to become one of the world’s newest players on the gastronomy stage. Bars alike are cropping up at a rapid rate to cater to the generation commanding nothing but the best craft cocktail. It’s also home to a huge underground music scene, with artists performing at a range of venues each night. Whatever your flavor, you’ll find it in Berlin.

Must sightsee

Free Walking Tour of Berlin. With the extensive history that Berlin carries, it’s nearly impossible to understand, and see it all by touring the city alone. There are a plethora of free walking tours with highly educated guides who have a passion for Berlin, that you pay for only by tipping at the end. It’s an unbelievable tour, and you’ll learn about everything from Checkpoint Charlie to WWII battles that took place in the streets. Insider tip: The tours last close to 3 hours, so wear comfortable walking shoes! 

DRIVE, the Volkswagen Group Forum. This venue houses some of Volkswagen’s most powerful engines, exclusive miniature models, interactive exhibits, and collector cars. There is a cafe attached to it where you can relax over a delicious pastry, veggie burger, or meat plate, once you’re finished. Insider tip: The venue is free of charge to visit.

Must caffeinate

Dots Cafe. Whether it’s chia pudding, pancakes, a New York-style bagel sandwich, or simply espresso that you’re in the mood for, Dots is the place to go. With a charming indoor space, and plenty of tables outside, it offers a light coffee shop atmosphere, great for reading or catching up with friends. Insider tip: They don’t have wifi.

Nah am Wasser Gebaut. An eclectic atmosphere, with actual swings for chairs [inside], leather couches, low coffee tables, and booths that look like they’ve been worked into the woodwork, Nah am Wasser Gebaut serves an extensive breakfast and lunch menu, complete with fresh pressed juices. Insider tip: They also have wifi and won’t rush you out if you’d like to hang out and work there for the day. 

Must bar hop

Klunkerkranich. Quickly gaining popularity, yet still a novelty, this open air bar is located at the top of a mall’s parking garage in the Neukölln neighborhood. Once inside, you’d have no idea that you were just in a parking lot, as they’ve gone to great lengths to create a “beer garden meets hipster lounge” atmosphere. Try to get there for sunset. The views of the city at that time are spectacular.

Wander around the Neukölln neighborhood, and stumble into any one of the industrial yet cozy, quirky yet unique, hidden yet artsy bars. You’ll find each one to have an individual flare, so try a few to find your personal favorite.

Experience cred: Thank you, Paul!

Must dine

  • The Neukölln neighborhood is also known for its cheep yet delicious sidewalk fare. Cuisines range from Turkish to Vietnamese and all reasonably priced.
  • Gemüse Kebab. Go here for doner. They also have a vegetarian option that is incredible.
  • Lokal. This restaurant is beloved across Berlin, sourcing their ingredients locally.

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Must dance

If you’re looking for the nightlife scene in Berlin, check out Suicide Circus. This is an outdoor venue that features a new DJ each night. Insider tip: It doesn’t get crowded until 2:30am, so it’s best to get there around 2am to avoid the line.

Must stay

  • Neukölln is an upcoming neighborhood, filled with great cafes, restaurants, bars and lounges. Get an AirBnB if possible as you’ll feel more like you’re a part of it all.
  • Alexanderplatz. This is one the largest hub of Berlin- close to the major sights, and all transportation lines. Hotels and hostels in this area are plentiful as well.

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