Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok was the first stop on our map to see the world, and in our opinion, a great starting point. With many of the luxuries of the West, we were able to get our bearings, adjust to the time zone difference, and dip our toes into the backpacker lifestyle while taking in much of what the city had to offer. A few tips below!

Must experience

Khao San Road. Once known to be something of a laid back backpacker’s row, this street has become an extreme party scene, with pubs and cafes lining each side, competing in drink specials, food specials and music. A true spectacle to take in over a few Chang’s. Vendors selling everything from bugs on a stick to whippits will be out, trying to offer you the best deal!

Must do

  • Grasshopper Biking Tour of the city. This great cycling tour takes you through otherwise unseen back streets, narrow alleys, canal villages, local markets, and temples. Along the way, you learn much of the rich history that makes up the Thai culture of today, see and greet locals and take in the beauty of Bangkok behind the scenes.
  • Ride the klong river boats

Must see

Must relax

  • Thai Massage at Charlie’s on Koh San Road. 1-hour full-body massages are 250 baht and well worth it.
  • Foot Massage at any sidewalk spa. 30 minutes is usually 150 baht.
  • Fish tanks (where small fish eat the dead skin off your feet). I can’t personally say I did this, but saw many who did. This was a craze in the States a few years back, but faded given health concerns. It’s still going strong in Thailand and for 15 minutes, you’ll pay roughly 150 baht.

Suggestion cred: Joe 

Must eat

  • Street pad Thai
  • Street crepes
  • Mango & sticky rice
  • Sugarcane juice
  • Coconut smoothie
  • Banana smoothie
  • Mango smoothie

Must imbibe

Singha, Chang and Leo brews. You can be the judge on which is your favorite, but from what we’ve learned from the locals, Singha is the beer often paired with food. It’s also the only beer recognized by the Royalty (it has a unique Royal seal on the label). Chang is more of a session beer to enjoy with friends, and Leo is a lighter beer (similar to perhaps Coors Lite or Bud Lite) that you can drink many of, so often drank at parties.

Must know

  • Tuk Tuks: Many will try to take you to factories, which if you might be interested in a quick visit, you can usually negotiate a cheep or free ride by doing. As we’ve read but aren’t sure if it stands true, the tuk tuks with a yellow Taxi plate are private (and more likely to work a deal with you). The tuk tuks white Taxi plates are government owned and must give you a fair price (with no negotiation for a factory visit).
  • Train/Bus tickets: Buy your train/bus tickets from either the station itself, or ask your guest house where a reputable vendor can be found. Don’t let a tuk tuk take you to his/her “spot”
  • Taxis: Always ask the taxi driver to start the meter- they will often try to work a deal with you that’s likely 2x more expensive than the meter price
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